The vision of the Collaboration of Education Faculties in West Africa (CEFWA) is to network for world-class education and its mission is to nurture and facilitate collaboration in all areas among Faculties of Education in the West Africa Sub-region. The Journal of Research in Education, which is the official Journal of CEFWA is a major tool for the actualization of this vision.  The Journal though new is positioned to be a leading repository of knowledge. It is our hope that given the commitment of our editorial board and response from Education
Faculty members across the sub-region the Journal will continue to gain visibility and wider spread in terms of contributors. We encourage colleagues to send their manuscripts to us for review. The Journal for Research in Education is committed to providing our readers with outstanding research and thinking in Education.
This edition of the Journal Vol. 1 No 2, which is the second edition of the Journal is featuring a total of 15 well-written articles covering different areas of Education. We continue to solicit for more articles from our colleagues in other parts of the sub-region. All manuscripts sent to us are processed through our rigorous peer review system. Our contributors and readers are assured of the fact that our review process continues to be `thorough and efficient.
We are pleased to present to you Vol. 1 No 2 of the Journal of Research in Education for your reading pleasure.
Thank You.
Professor Alfred A. Adegoke

Published: 2018-04-25